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AbilityLinks: AbilityLinks is a consortium of businesses and service providers, primarily in Illinois, committed to increasing employment of people with disabilities by matching qualified individuals with job opportunities and employment programs online. AbilityLinks also organizes educational and awareness events for its members and job seekers.

The American Congress of Community Supports and Employment Services (ACCSES): Is a national, nonprofit organization of vocational rehabilitation service and community supports committed to maximizing employment opportunities and independent living for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

CARF: The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

The Center for An Accessible Society: A national organization designed to focus public attention on disability and independent living issues by disseminating information developed through NIDRR-funded research to promote independent living. Keep current with breaking news about disability issues.

The Cerebral Palsy Group:

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities: A coalition of approximately 100 national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures the self determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in all aspects of society.

Council for Disability Awareness: A non-profit group formed to help the American workforce become aware of the growing instances of disability and its financial consequences. The CDA engages in communications, research and education to provide information and helpful resources to wage earners, their families, the media, employers and others who are concerned about disability and the impact it can have on wage earners and their families.

Diversity World: Great information on disability and employment, job development, self employment, advice for job seekers. Denise Bissonnette. On line newsletter available.

Employment Support for People with Disabilities: The Work Site, Social Security OnLine. Click on <Service Providers>

Enabling Technologies Lab: At Wayne State University. Dedicated to creating, designing, and implementing technologies that will enable people of all capabilities to enhance their innate abilities, both physical and mental with a special emphasis on the development of technologies for individuals with disabilities.,ETL aims to promote independence among those who, without the technology, would be unable to participate in certain activities.

The Gilbert Center: An incubator, research institute, consulting firm, and publishing house working to support and empower the people and organizations who are changing the world for the better. The expertise of the founder, Michael Gilbert, and company lie primarily in the area of communication, whether for internal organizational health and renewal, for successful outreach to members, funders or the public, or for the dramatic opportunities presented by online communication.

Also the source of the Nonprofit Online News. Free weekly edition by email at

Great Lakes ADA and IT Center: Provides technical assistance and training to businesses and people with disabilities regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). National toll free information line.

The Indiana Institute on Disability and Community: Fosters communities that welcome, value, and support the participation and contributions of people of all ages and abilities through research, education, and service.

The Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities: A voluntary association of organizations in the state of Illinois supporting services to persons with developmental disabilities. The Institute seeks to influence public policy development which supports these services and to engage in activities which will improve the quality of programs and services.

MARO: Employment & Training Association. STEP is member organization.

Mental Health Wellness Information Network MH_WIN

Access to this site is limited to authorized staff of Detroit – Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency and authorized providers.

The Michigan ADA Steering Committee: Loads of current information about accessibility, related news, and links. Online newsletter.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services On Line Learning Center: On line learning for the rehabilitation community.

Michigan Relay Center: Offers telephone communication assistance to persons with speech and/or hearing disabilities and those communicating with them.

And helpful tips form the Michigan Community Service Commission on the use of TTYs.,1607,7-137-6118_22503_23185-63419–,00.html

Michigan State University, Office of Rehabilitation & Disability Studies: Preparing professionals to work in partnership with individuals who have disabilities and with employer organizations toward individuals and societal goals.

National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult: Provides training, technical assistance, policy analysis, and information to improve access for all in the workforce development system.

National Clearinghouse of Rehabiliation Training Materials (NCRTM): A centralized resource for the development, collection, dissemination, and utilization of training materials for the vocational Rehabiliation profession; a forum for advancing knowledge through applied research and open dialog; and a marketplace for career and staff development.

National Information Center for Independence (NARIC): Provides direct, personal, and high-quality information services to anyone interested in disability and rehabilitation issues,consumers, researchers, family members, health professionals, educators, counselors, students, librarians, and administrators throughout the country.

NISH: A national nonprofit agency whose mission is to create employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities by securing Federal contracts through the AbilityOne Program {formerly Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) Program} for its network of community-based, nonprofit agencies.

N-TEN Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network: Works to support the diverse people and organizations who help nonprofits understand and employ technology effectively.

SEED, Supported Employment Education Designs: California based Mindy Oppenheim provides top notch instructional design, training and staff development. Mindy provided STEP with training in September 2004 which is still talked about!

Virginia Commonwealth University: Partnerships for People with Disabilities: A university center for excellence in developmental disabilities, explores a wide spectrum of professional services and community interests as it seeks to expand opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

Waisman Center: Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases throughout the lifespan. The center is one of nine national facilities that includes a Mental Retardation Developmental Disabilities Research Center and a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

Wayne County Probate Court:  Find information about an individual’s guardianship status. Click the Public Access lin and, enter the individual’s guardianship record number.

Wayne RESA: A regional educational service agency that provides a broad spectrum of services and support to Wayne County’s 34 school districts aimed at improving student achievement and maximizing economies of scale in staff development, purchasing, and administrative services.

YAI, National Institute for People.with Disabiities Network: The provision of services, education and training in the field of developmental and learning disabilities.

Other Organizations:

Adult Well Being Services: Through services, family support and advocacy, Adult Well-Being Services promotes the well-being and independence of adults in Southeastern Michigan as they age.

COPE, Ltd. (Community Opportunities for Participation in Enterprise): Located in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, COPE is a social enterprise company that supports adults with disabilities to fulfil their expressed need to participate in productive businesses.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit:

Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC: Proponents of self employment. Also home to the SSI Manager, an online tool to manage information about benefits and earnings.

JARC: A Michigan nonprofit, nonsectarian organization serving people with developmental disabilities and their families. Primarily in Oakland County.

Jewish Vocational Services:

UCP: The leading source of information on cerebral palsy. Their mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

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