Self Employment September 4, 2014

Dream, Team, Plan, Act, Enjoy . . .
Self-employment is an alternative to having a job and working for someone else. Also known as micro-enterprise, it all starts with your dream. What is it that interests you, that you enjoy doing, an activity that brings joy to your life? Add a little open-minded thinking, creativity, innovation, hard work, a team of supporters, a business plan, and you earn money.

We will start from ground level and develop a business plan with selfemployment1you, assemble a support team, and look for the necessary resources. The support team will include you, family and care providers, friends, staff, and other resource persons in the community such as legal, accounting and finance, and other small business owners.

Your entitlements, SSI, SSDI, are effected differently by self-employment than if you have a job. SSDI has a more complicated set of policies and restrictions. There is no single solution – each person and business is unique. Disability benefits interact differently with self-employment planning and ongoing business activity and must be understood in order to apply them in your best interests.

We are actively seeking community resources and persons to help the teams with their business plans and other requirements to maintain a business. Please contact us with your questions and interest at

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