Transition September 2, 2014

Transition is the time when you think about leaving school and start making plans for what you will be doing, earning an income, getting a job or possible self employment, and pursuing your interests in the community. You may begin to make plans as early as age 14.

We have worked with many students and their families, school personnel, and others interested in helping you reach your goals. We know it is a big change in your life and want to help you with the challenges you will face.

We have coordinated successfully for several years with the Jo Brighton Skills Center in Wyandotte, the Western Wayne Skills Center in Westland, and the Michigan Rehabilitation Services in an effort to team up with each student and his or her support group.transition2

We can provide you with valuable information about community-based services and help you get started with them. Our emphasis will be on developing employment opportunities, finding you a job or helping you to earn money by being self employed.

Our supports coordination, skills training, mobility training , self employment, and job placement services staff provide you with a well rounded program which meets your specifications. You may ask your Supports Coordinator about any other needs or concerns you may have.

In summary, you will plan your life with others who care about you, get a job or be self employed, be active with your interests in the community, be satisfied by pursuing your dream, and grow into the future.

See our Transition Brochure here.

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